Topic: Live at Compression (06/26/09)

Voodeux - "Just A Spoonful" (Mothership)
Ricky Fobis - "Gringos" (Polar Noise)
DJ T. - "Shine On" (Get Physical)
Alex Niggeman - "El Herchizo" (8Bit)
Werner Niederrmier - "Open Up" (Supplement Facts)
Kenny Larkin & Shlomi Aber - "Sketches" [Shlomi Aber Version]
Daniel Steinberg - "Cocolips" (Supdub Digitales)
Livio & Roby and George G. - "Bau Bau" (Cecille Numbers)
Leon - "Lovers" (Viva Music)
Hector - "Taking Me For A Ride" (Mobilee)
Christian Burkhardt - "Lipstick" (Raum...Musik.)
Dualton - "Obscure" [Lars Wickinger House Remix] (Hero In My Hood)
Nick Curly - "Pujante" (Cocoon Recordings)
Joris Voorn - "Sweep The Floor" (Rejected)
Oliver Moldan & Norman Zube - "Smokey Eyes" [David Robertson Remix] (Tokio Recordings)
Thee-O & Steve Prior feat. Erin Powers - "On My Own" (Suara)
Umek -"Pravim Haos" (Cocoon Recordings)
Uto Karem - "City Lights" (Agile Recordings)
Jet Project - "Bamboo Fire" [Worthy Remix] (Jet Project)
Mark Broom & Brothers' Vibe - "Mind / Feeling" [youANDme Hirsch Edit]  (Platzhirsch Schallplatten)
Namito - "Pura Vida" (Kling Klong)
Miaden Tomic - "Tangas" (MKT Records)
Michael Jackson - "Don't Stop Til You Get Enough)
Michael Jackson - "Off The Wall"
Michael Jackson - "Thiller"

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