Topic: MUM010 Tempered DJ's & Ellesse - Rocket Science

Tempered DJ's are back in full force following on from the powerful 'Escape' (Tempered DJ's & Tiny) which has performed very well with a couple of compilation licenses to boot. This time around Tempered team up with Ellesse - well respected on the circuit as being the man behind the fantastic Kaluki nights now at AREA 51 in Manchester. The production on 'Rocket Science' is top notch as ever and the exceptional Mark Holmes & OD Muzique remix drops like a bomb and should keep the growing army of MUM followers satisfied. … %20Science … =0&y=0 … 07844.html


DJ Meri (Cylon/Rulers Of The Deep) "I really feel both tracks in separate situations.. Mark Holmes and OD Muzique remix reminds me those good moments when you are standing like a God behind the decks at 3am, people just love you so much - because you are good dj?? or is this track what makes them SCREEEEEAM!!! Original is good too, but works in a different room very well"

Sergio Matina "love MUM sound... Mark Holmes & OD Muzique Remix is amazing!!!
this is INSANE...Total support."

Moussa Clarke "... digging the Mark Holmes & OD Muzique remix! it rocks."

Wesely S (Toolroom) "Love the Mark Holmes mix"

Peter McGill "Original mix is down rite dirty 5/5"

Dan McKie "nice! will defo be supporting this."

Danny Rose "brilliant music once more - the two tracks just ROCK ."

Brandon Bloc "Excellent both mixes blowing up wherever i play them wicked"

Sonny Wharton "Original mix is strong - have been supporting"

Sean Biddle "Will definitely be playing this!"

Flash Brothers "Mark Holmes & OD Muzique Remix is good tech house mix, like it."
*** We are pleased to announce the launch party of this release will be held at Area 51 in association with Kaluki on the 11 July 2009 - full details of this will follow soon! ***