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Drum Me Sad

Denetic - Drum Me Sad (Original Mix)
Denetic - Drum Me Sad (Mollan Remix)
Denetic - Cutthroat Imp (Original Mix)
Denetic - Cutthroat Imp (Bs As deep Extended Remix)
Denetic - Warm Breath (Original Mix)
Denetic - Warm Breath (Maxi Iborquiza remix)
Denetic - Warm Breath (Bs As deep Remix)

From Polonia comes Denetic with 3 originals tracks for the EP, full of percusions, full of acoustic drums and strings.
Without losing the line of house music, and the darkness there are  very good tracks to listen and dance in a club, warming up your legs for a big night.
This EP includes 3 remixes from our artists:
Bs As Deep, label manager, which we know for having participated in several remixes for onward and other big labels like Audiotherapy, Baroque, Fade Records, Polar Noise, Bosphorus Underground, Sk Supreme Records, and others.
Also, we have the participation of the other label manager of Onward, Maxi Iborquiza, dj and producer in constant exploration of sounds, moving foward, we can find in all his works sweet and glad sounds, sometimes melancholics.
Mollan comes with a full house remix, to enjoy the good groove with keys and percusions from this style.  It

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Like it mate smile

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Denetic - Drum Me Sad (Mollan Remix) está bueno