Topic: BWO023 Breaking Even - Klangfrequenz & Gareth 2Dark

Breaking Even - Klangfrequenz & Gareth 2Dark

Stopschild - Klangfrequenz
Jet Lag - Gareth 2Dark

With support from Nick Warren, Marco V, Mike Hiratzka, Misstress de Funk, Pixelbreak, Raymundo Rodriguez, Tronik Youth and many more!!

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BLACK&WHITE ORANGE RECORDS is proud to present a collaboration project of Klangfrequenz & Gareth 2Dark called 'Breaking Even'. This two track release includes one track from Klangfrequenz and one from Gareth 2Dark. Both productions 'Stopschild' and 'Jet Lag' have been finely tuned by the two artists and present their melodic yet deep and dark trade mark sound with smooth rolling basslines which are perfectly underlined by musical synth patterns and mixed with pumpy techno drum beats.
Watch out for these tracks and get your hands on this release, guaranteed dance addiction!



Nick Warren
Fantastic record. 5/5

Amazing...played it this weekend and rocked!! 5/5

Misstress De Funk
Gorgeous track.

The Flash Brothers
Quality melodic progressive house music, will support it! 4/5

Carlos Agueda (DJ Substance)
Great track a must have on the dj records collection. This is a very worked
progressive track. This is a beautiful melody, full of greatness and very
powerful. All support on this track. 5/5

Clint Maximus
All in all a great, great release and I will be supporting it in a few live shows and gigs!
Good work. 4/5

Yeah liking this one a lot. Great release. 4/5


Marco V
Love it! 5/5

Dances With White Girls (Throne of Blood)
Ooooh this is fire. 4/5

Tronik Youth
Great track love it, will hammer this. 5/5

Tom Findlay (Groove Armada)
Great production sound and track. 4/5

Carlos Agueda (DJ Substance)
I like this electro sound over this track, real done, thinked for the big dancefloor.
Amazing track for sure. the break is a killer way, melody is wonderful. 5/5

Clint Maximus
Huum........ I Love it! Was not sure at first untill after 1min.01 secs!!!!
Once that nice dirty vibe jumps in!!! Crazy!! Will be supporting 100%Nice one!!!! 5/5

"Breaking Even - Klangfrequenz & Gareth 2Dark" is available on all major download sites worldwide such as Beatport, iTunes, BeatsDigital, Trackitdown and many more!!

"Breaking Even - Klangfrequenz & Gareth 2Dark" All music Produced, Engineered and Mixed by Klangfrequenz and Gareth 2Dark. Mastered @ Chocolate Factory London.

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