Topic: IFFY BIZNESS live electro, Melbourne AUS - 17 October

Decided we'd get in bloody early on this one.

Born in Melbourne in 1995, and having worked with the cream of Melbourne techno types in the '90s (Voiteck, Steve Law, FSOM, Honeysmack, Little Nobody, TR-Storm, Son Of Zev, Josh Abrahams, Frontside, DJ Fodder, Blimp, David Thrussell, et al), IF? RECORDS ( partially moved to Tokyo in 2001.

Over the past year the label has worked closely with Japanese producers Captain Funk, Shin Nishimura, Toshiyuki Yasuda, Funk Gadget, Alone Together, DJ Warp, M-Koda, Clean Hands and Polygon Prompt - as well as internationals like Luke's Anger, Donk Boys, Patrick Pulsinger, Paul Birken, Si Begg, Dave Tarrida, Fila Brazillia, Bill Youngman, Ben Pest, Jammin' Unit, Wyndell Long, Justin Robertson, Steve Stoll, Justin Berkovi, Max Durante, Gene Farris, Biochip C, and Jason Leach (Subhead).

Blah, blah, blah.

But IF? always has been and more than likely always will be a Melbourne-made label (sorry 'bout that!), and the relationship has continued with input from producers like Bitch Shift, Koda, Little Nobody, Craig McWhinney, Son Of Zev, Enclave, Isnod, Alkan, TR-Storm, Cuznmatt and Ben Mill.

So, without further waffling ado, we're coming home to roost for one night only, the first time in almost 3 years, for a night of anarchic musical revelry - much of it LIVE - sourced from Tokyo, the rest of the known world, and here in Melbourne.


As per the erratic IF? mission statement, expect everything chucked together, put into a blender and rendered downright funky - most of it electronic.

397 Little Lonsdale Street, Melbourne.

Andrez Bergen, Little Nobody, Funk Gadget, DJ Fodder (Tokyo)

Koda, Son Of Zev, Enclave, Isnod, LN Elektronische Ensemble

And speaking of flying, here, finally, is the flyer for this gig ...