Topic: BWO025 Moonboots - Klangfrequenz & Baldino

Moonboots - Klangfrequenz & Baldino

Left Foot - Klangfrequenz
Right Foot - Baldino

With support from Luciano, Stephan Bodzin, DJ Hell, Paul Lorraine, Dean Facer, Randall Jones, Franco Bianco, Mark Allain and many more!!

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BLACK&WHITE ORANGE RECORDS proudly presents you another of their infamous collaboration projects. This time Klangfrequenz and Baldino took on an inspiring idea and worked together on their latest project 'Moonboots'.
'Left Foot' was produced by Klangfrequenz and embraces its deep, generic character. With its rolling bassline and the various drum structures this production certainly displays a nice mix of funky sounds and grooving chords. 'Right Foot' in the other hand absolutely reflects Baldino's production magic. The typical drum arrangements and the finely selected use of synths and chord fx's makes this version the perfect right foot to realize the project 'Moonboots'.
Watch out for these tunes its another banger of the Black&White Orange back catalogue!


I will play it! 5/5

DJ Hell
Left Foot, Right Foot, need both of them ;-) 4/5

Dean Facer
Full on heads down peak time dancefloor rocker!! More please! 5/5

Chris Fortier
left for me! 3/5

Bjoern Borgstroem
Great stuff! 5/5

Pawas Gupta
Left foot is nice, smooth licks, good stuff! 4/5

Axel Bartsch
Nice! 3/5

Mike Wall
Groovy stuff! 4/5

Andy Wilson
Left Foot rolls along very nicely, good mid-set groover. 3/5

Igor Marijuan
Cool music. Will support it on my shows! 4/5

Paul Lorraine
Thank you. Both tracks here have my full support! 4/5

Noah Pred
Interesting club sounds here! I prefer the focused grooves of Left Foot. 3/5

Mark Allain
I'm right Footed but love Left Foot. 4/5

Joey Vasquez
Nice tune, good structure, arrangement also good. 3/5

Stephan Bodzin
Great pair of shoes!! 5/5

Jordi Villata
Right food is a great track. Nice feeling! 3/5

Circoloco/Barraca/Plastic City
In the box!! 4/5

Randall Jones
These tracks rock!! Killer low slung bizzzz. 5/5

Mr Cenzo
Both tracks are pretty cool. 4/5

Franco Bianco
Great release. Fits perfectly in my sets. Great job! My favourite is Left Foot. 4/5

SMP3 Music Management
Left Foot is cool. Right foot is more evil! Like it! 3/5

Peter Kruder
Love the bounce of Left Foot. Will play this.

Tony Rodriguez
Left & Right mixes are working. 4/5

Martin Huergo
Support to Right Foot. Supergroove! 3/5

Nice!! 3/5

DJ Linus
Good release. 4/5

I like the Right Foot track. Support! 3/5

Left Foot has a nice bouncy groove backed by organic tribal percussions. Makes me happy! 5/5

Club Lounge Radio
Great vibes, impresses with agility! 5/5

Gianni Vitiello
Will try it out! 3/5

'Moonboots - Klangfrequenz & Baldino' is available on all major download sites worldwide such as Beatport, iTunes, BeatsDigital, Trackitdown and many more!!

"Moonboots - Klangfrequenz & Baldino" All music Produced, Engineered and Mixed by Klangfrequenz and Baldino. Mastered @ Chocolate Factory London.

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