Topic: [BWO028] Corrupt Cops EP - Gareth 2Dark

Corrupt Cops EP - Gareth 2Dark

Corrupt Cops
Northern Lights

With support from Randall Jones, Mike Wall, Dean Facer, Paul Loraine, Kiko Martinez, Igor Marijuan, Tony Rodriguez, DJ Mini and many more!!

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BLACK&WHITE ORANGE RECORDS proudly presents the long awaited second EP called Corrupt Cops EP from our 4am Techno head Gareth 2Dark. The first track 'Corrupt Cops' perfectly displays Gareth's passion for big drum arrangements, rolling, techy basslines and wonderful melodic chord structures. The second track on the EP 'Northern Lights' has a more progressive Tech House touch and with its huge synth patterns and smoothly arranged drum layers it surely shows why Gareth 2Dark is known as the label's 4am Techno head. It was definitely worth to wait for this Corrupt Cops EP and with these two amazing singles it sets another welcoming milestone in the Black&White Orange back catalogue.
Watch out for these tracks it will make every crowd go wild in the early morning hours!!


Martin Huergo
Northern Lights is my favourite. Nice groove. 3/5

Tony Rodriguez
Super drums, great energy! 4/5

Mike Wall
Great EP...I like both tracks. 4/5

Bjoern Borgstroem
Yeah!! 4/5

Laurent Garnier
Cool track. Will try this out! 3/5

Paris One
Northern Lights is deeply HUGE! Love it! 5/5

Demir Seymen
Northern Lights is a nice one. Good work. 4/5

Club Lounge Radio
Two very much clarified songs. I especially like such strong releases. 4/5

Circoloco/Barraca/Plastic City
Great range of sounds! 4/5

Paul Loraine
Thanks for this EP! Loving both tracks here. In the playlist immediately. 5/5

Nacho Benedetti
Northern Lights has a really great beat and synth line for 5am. 3/5

Kiko Martinez
Very good Production. Full support! 3/5

Igor Marijuan
Excellent. Will support it. 4/5

Orde Meikle
Nice techno. Corrupt Cops for me. 4/5

DJ Mini
Excellent release! My type of techno. 5/5

Maik Loewen
Solid release. Thanks!! 3/5

Alexi Delano
Corrupt Cops is the one for me. 3/5

Randall Jones
Both of these cutz are nasty! Will play both at ADE this week and beyond! 4/5

Sami Wentz
Nice groove. I like it. 4/5

Wow, I like a lot Northern Lights. I will play it for sure in some morning sessions! 3/5

DJ Lewi
Nice uptempo drums and catchy piano riff. Works for me. Will be playing this in my show tomorrow. 4/5

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