Topic: Big Chill Tickets !

My sister just sent this e-mail to me. If anyone knows anyone interested e-mail me on

and I will put you in touch with my sister.


I have 2 ticekts worth 300 each for the Bid Chill event in naxos from 21st

to 1st October. the tickets cover admission and a double room. You still

need to get yourself there. I cannot go because of work and basically will

sell them to the highest bidder. At this point I am not hopeful of getting

rid of them at all so if you know of anyone who can take 10 days holiday at

short notice and would enjoy the Big Chill let them know. I can't bear to

think they will be wasted. Anything I get back will be a bonus.


ps more info at

Kathy Mulville

Chief Executive

Telephone Helplines Association

4 Deans Court

St Paul's Churchyard




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