Topic: Psure and Psyon - Tough Case + REMIXES [XSSR009]

Psure and Psyon - Tough Case + Boonos, Quadrat Beat, BBB remixes [XSSR009]

Tough Case (Original mix)
Tough Case (Boonos remix)
Tough Case (Quadrat Beat remix)
Tough Case (BBB remix)
Label: XSSR Music
Release: November' 09

     XSSR are proud to bring you their landmark tenth release and it's a bit of a corker. It's entitled Tough Case and is by Psure and Psyon.

     The original mix is a spooky, progressive and tough affair featuring a nu skool beat underpinned by plenty of oldskool breakbeat samples. Many of you will know Psure tracks of old and if you are hoping for a newer and better take on a similar tip you won't be disappointed! The 1st break see's the introduction of the excellent vocal sample from which the tracks name is derived, after the 1st drop the track builds expertly in intensity and energy before breaking down once again. The 2nd break uses the bass and other synths to create an epic soundscape that draws the listener deeper into the tune and once the beats are rolling again some excellent new sounds join the fray to ensure maximum impact is felt until the end of the tune.

     BBB toughen things right up and give us a peaktime roller that will be heard in many a mainroom set. Tight, steppy and punchy beats underpin the bass, which whilst recognisable from the original mix has been twisted and morphed to meet the BBB boys vision for the track. The initial build is long and epic but when this one drops its all about heads down stomping! Clever edits of the vocals and other components alongside those kickin beats and bass lead us through to the 2nd break. This features a wicked filtered siren like noise which will have plenty of peoples hands held up high, the track then smacks us in the face once again as it drops for the 2nd time and rolls out.

     Boonos has been releasing some stomping remixes of late and this one is no exception. His beats are always clean, simple and highly effective and you can tell he has learned from some of the best producers out there with his clever use of edits and fx. A simple, DJ friendly intro carries us into the 1st break were Boonos slowly fitlers up his interpretation of the bass. He soon brings in other, glitchy elements which bounce expertly off the sounds already there creating a track which is full of energy and movement. A totally different bassline shows itself during the 2nd breakdown, expertly weaved around the other noises to create a seemless transisition to the 2nd part of the tune.

     Quadrat Beat do what they do best with their mix and create an uptempo banger! These guys have been gathering a lot of support and interest with a string of succesful remixes and releases over the last year or two and this mix once again demonstrates why. During the initial build up things sound like they are going to be quite similar to the original but with Quadrat Beats signature stripped back, kicking percussion. But don't be fooled, once the 2nd break comes things start to change... Some ethnically influenced trance synths bring back images of epic free parties of old before we are dragged back firmly to the present as the track drops back in and the bass ramps itself up another notch. The trancey synths continue to float in and out as the track progresses and really give this mix a different edge.

     Another top quality package from XSSR Music then and this tenth release is sure to be paving the way to plenty more quality tunes over the coming months and years.

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