Topic: Dead Famous Remix Contest // LuQas - Replicant

We at Dead Famous love contests. Last year, we ran both a remix contest for DHD’s “Scene” and an original Acid Contest (Won by Dekoy and Prato , respectively).  Obviously being addicted to these types of things, and seeing as how psybreaks are gaining more popularity as time goes on, we’re holding a remix contest for LuQas’s “Replicant”.

LuQas made a big splash in the psybreaks scene last year, and unfortunately, no remixes of Replicant ever saw the light of day. This is where you all come in. We’re looking for the best remix of Replicant to include on a future Dead Famous release.  All styles are welcome, but like always, keeping with the vibe of Dead Famous is key – ie: Drum and bass and head crushing hardcore are cool and all, but your chances aren’t as great.  If you pay attention to Dead Famous, you know exactly the kind of sound we love.  Note that there are no second and third places here – Winner takes the chance to be included on a future package.

If you need to be reminded on what Replicant sounds like, you can check it out on our myspace -

The contest runs until May 1st. We will be announcing the winners a few days afterwards.

Please email all entries in 320 mp3 form to

Grab the parts HERE

Also – when sending entries, please send more than just the file attached, and nothing in the body of the email. Entries that come in like that will be ignored immediately. We like to keep a spreadsheet for these types of things, so your real name, producer name, the preferred email address to contact you, and any other information you care to provide would be very welcome.

Best of luck to all entrants!

ian aka daniella downs
Label Manager for Dead Famous Recordings
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