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MAY 2010

Mastering by w0dk4

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Grigoris Savidis aka Pale Penguin (VIM Records Label Manager)
For me this is the best release on BREAKS.SK so far!!! the original is great i loved that dub feeling on this one and the way that all sounds so clear and powerfull, both remixes are also excellent.....EDK at the electronica/dub styleee and IN:FORMATION simply one of the best downbeat/breakbeat remixes i've listened to the last months......

Lee Martin (Dusted Breaks)

Like the Original best from this one!

Curl and Dean (Biq Square Records, Break Wind Show on
Interesting Promo, the original sounds like it would work well in a Soundtrack for a film.The Ear Drum Crew remix is dubtastic, loving the reggae feel to this one, nice be a sunshine and this will be nice to play outside on a huge big bass system. In:formation remix, nice peice of Down tempo breakbeat there, will be putting this on my ipod for sure. Overall a very varied promo, i kinda like them all in different ways.

Andrea Lai (VIM Records, Erase Records, MantraVibes)
Hey, thanx for the promo!! Loving the EDK remix will surely play it out!! Keep em coming! AndreA

DJ Ratling (

Thanks for sending this over the ear drum crew remix is big ... love the bassline & dubbed out vibe & when it drops it drops nice def getting support from me . big ups ratling

DVNT (Mantis Radio /

The original is a dubbed up breaks track with lots of space and swing for the beats. Got a South American vibe going on, desert carnival maybe.
The first of 2 remixes of the original track is from In:formation. Keeping a lot of of the swing and space of the original, adding in a bolder sub, giving it a stripped back slightly tech feel.

The 2nd remix is from the Ear Drum Kru and pushes the original into more breakstep territory adding in a skanking vibe. Should be a good one for the summer. have a good summer tracks package here. I think for me the In:formation remix is my favourite with the Ear Drum Kru remix being the popular one for the festivals.

SHROOMBAB (High Tension, Dubkraft,
wow, like this very much wink it's more dubstep than breaks though wink the eardrum remix is especially nice and my favourite, because it has some slight rhythm changes inside, the bass is very deep, and the vocals fit in nicely.

KICKFLIP (Fat! , En:vision, Beat Industries)
Ear Drum Kru remix for me! Not what I'd play out but a nice mellow dubstep number with some proper dub vibes!

SCAPO (Dirty Drop Records)
thx man, good for listen smile


BRABEATS (SK) [, Flextone Recordings]

Project, which contains from 2 producers: Macho is currently the most successful breakbeat producer in Slovakia. He is also the owner of the Records. His latest release "So Let's Begin" (on VIM Records) was also reviewed by Mixmag – the world's biggest dance music and clubbing magazine, where it got 3 out of 5 points. He cooperated with channel 4 of the Slovak Radio – Radio_FM, where he created night breakbeat mixes. You can hear his tracks on the Slovak Radio_FM, Czech Radio 1 or breaks broadcasters like, NSB Radio...In 2010 are forthcoming releases on VIM Records, Chipsound Records and remixes on VIM Records and Digital Sensations UK.

MdC (Martaine de Casique) – until age 12 he wasn't very interested in music, he didn't have favourite bands or producers. The first steps of his music production were done with a program with a rippled sound. Then came the first keyboards, new software and better production options. In 2003, together with his cousin Pán Macho he formed a dance/trance project called BraTrance. From 2006 together with another cousin, Macho they produce breakbeat and drumandbass tracks with trance and electro effects under the name BraBeats. He also produces hiphop and writes lyrics. In 2008 the one-man project One of Bra was formed. Now, after 12 years, music is *numero uno* for him. He is expecting to do a remix for Macho on VIM Records this year.

EAR DRUM KRU (SK) [Schyzo Recordings,]

EarDrumKru (EDK) became to life in 1996 as an experimental project of three DJs (Matthew, Loggo and Base) and programmer Michal Ilias. The sound of EDK was heavily influenced by the projects like the Prodigy, Altern 8, Human Resource, SL2, Shamen, Moby or KLF. Musical tastes of EDK were very diverse (Matthew/ trip-hop, ambient, electronica/, Loggo / techno, electro, house/, Base /jungle, drum..n..bass, trance/). Joining these styles EDK created a unique series of ‘underground parties’ (1996-2000) which can be marked as the starting point of so called ‘scene’ in central Slovakia and later led to their own musical production. The juicy diversity can be heard and felt on the albums like “Influences”(1998), “Inshure Your Stuff”(1999) or “20 Sympathetic Girls”(1999). They start to dedicate their productivity especially to drum n bass. In the year 2000 EDK recorded purely drum n bass album “Steps” from which four tracks were used for the 12” EP of the same name. The spirit was alive and ready to move on. In cooperation with Czech Hardliner Recordings their track “We Have The Smith”(1999) appeared at a vinyl sampler, which was the last common act of the old four-band-member-formation.

In 2001 Michal left the band and starts his individual career as Peter G. Hawkens. Three original members continued to produce music and good mood. After the album “Three Lo Beat”(2001) was EDK very often invited to play as a live act which led to logical ‘enlivement’ of the band.

By 2002 multi-instrumentalist Peter "The Hary" Kolla joined the band. This fact encouraged them to continue in breaking the boundaries of musical experimentation and developing of new sound of EDK. A hybridization of breakbeat, dub, electro, jungle through ethno and guitar trip-hop started to be ‘cooked’ at EDK’s sound kitchen.

EarDrumKru cooperates with a wide variety of other artists as well: Tina "Wunna" (vocals), Dada from Nové Mapy (vocals) or Maťo Ryboš from Comp & Neros (guitar). From genuine electronic project is now a band, which offers dynamic live performance, soundsystem or pure DJsets full of broken beats, jungle sounds mixed with dub and triphop. People in Slovakia, Czech Republic and Austria had a chance to see EDK within past ten years at a number of well known festivals and events many times. (POHODA FESTIVAL,BARBAKAN,LOVE PLANET,HODOKVAS FESTIVAL,DOWNLOAD,and many more..) In March 2008 EDK released the "Fanki Faka Dancers" album on their own label Schyzo Recordings.

IN:FORMATION (SK) [Schyzo Recordings,]

The band [in:formation] was formed at Dunajská Streda, Slovakia, during the spring of 2005. Our music is said to fall into the triphop/downtempo genre, but it's more than just that - our songs are characterized by heavy hiphop beats, fat dub basslines and minimal, repetitive grooves, supported by vocals and samples. The first self-published demo of the band, Pearls, was created in 2007. Our first full length album, "Bristol" (2009) is the continuation of the music journey started back then. The 11 tracks on it range from vocal trip-hop through dub and jazzy hiphop to breaks. Apart from two vocalists, we were also supported by MC Borisz on this release. The album received airtime from radios in both Slovakia (Radio_FM, Pátria) and Hungary (Tilos), with our track "The Pressure" being selected to the Hungarian collection "Narcollapse vol. 2". We are also into remixing, both of well known tunes and music of the local bands. In 2009, one of our remixes found its way to the remix album of Slovak band "Ear Drum Kru", Fanki Faka Remixes.

Since 2006, we perform our music as a live band with drums, bass guitar and live sampling, supported by guest vocalist Juli Simon and Szabina Csánó (Moustache), as well as a brass section. We have supported acts like Zagar (HU), The Carbonfools (HU) and Noisecut (SK), playing in clubs and festivals in both Hungary and Slovakia, including venues in both Bratislava and Budapest. Not only have we played together with live bands, we have also done several live performances as part of electronic parties together with DJs.

*"Hip-hop basics, scratch and synths create the trip-hop ambience, of course with some added this and that, text fragments, sax... the songs with the guest vocalists are good, moreover the others, too..." *

*"...a very nice revival of the Slovak scene... the final sound is pretty cool."* Biba, Radio_FM

*" many great and fresh ideas... 'Bristol' is... with some real misses, but also with some magnificent moments. All in all, very promising."*