Stuck On Earth And Unity Present

                                              BOO 7

-        Our Eighth annual music, arts, media and multi- cultural festival.

An event that began eight years ago under the now defunct name of "Spooky", Boo has catapulted to almost icon- like status.  With that being said, one has to wonder, what exactly is a "Boo"?  Sure, Boo can be someone's name.  Boo could even be the name of a store, perhaps for purchasing baby clothing.  Whatever the word/ name "Boo" could translate to; in the minds of fun having, musically- inclined youth throughout the East Coast, Boo has come to mean so much more.  Boo has come to mean, that for one day a year, a collective massive of adults and young adults alike can come together in the celebration of free spirit, great music, and an escape from the not always so thrilling world.  It's great to know, that if we can provide a good time, for even a handful of people for that one day a year, then we've done our jobs.  Serving as an outlet for world- renowned talent, Boo focuses on what is great about music.  It serves to prove, that electronic music as a whole and all it's influences are a mainstay in our culture, no matter who wants to deny that fact.  On October 12th, come share with us the experience that is Boo. And for those who have supported us throughout, we say