Topic: fellow breaks fans - your thoughts

I've been 'lurking' on here for a while now, on all the different forums, but my main interest is breakbeat music.

This forum seems a bit dead and I for one would be happy to contribute more to see it liven up a little.  So my question to start the discussion is this - what would you want from your own breakbeat label if you could finance and run it ?

What sort of things would you do differently to what is already being done by the likes of TCR/Disuye/W9Y/MOB/etc/etc/etc ?

Re: fellow breaks fans - your thoughts

Put naked ladies on the sleeves

Re: fellow breaks fans - your thoughts

hell I'd even go as far to release special edition picture discs to give the trainspotters in the club a thrill.

Re: fellow breaks fans - your thoughts

music for your mind and heart as well as your feet...

sounds cheesy but i know what i mean!

Im in the process of setting up my own breaks label at the moment called MTheory to complement my A+R role for Bedrock Breaks...they cant take em all so im gonna put some stuff out myself.

Its still early days but I'm looking for music with depth, originality, emotion, vision...beautiful but strange. Futuristic breakbeat soundscapes...


Re: fellow breaks fans - your thoughts

Jonathan - the vision you have for your label sounds great.  Can I assume that most of the tracks listed in your chart on here have the same qualities as you say you're looking for in your label ?

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yeah, basically the sound i play is the sound i wanna sign.

to give some examples of tracks people will know, im talking about stuff like Bedrock- Forge, Polefolder- Dust (original), Infusion- Dead Souls, Luke Chable- Sealers Cove (breaks mix), Momu's that stuff man.

Re: fellow breaks fans - your thoughts

I know the Pole Folder tune and some of the Momu stuff - wish I could get to your Bedrock gig if this is the sort of stuff you're playing.  You got any plans to play in Scotland ?