Topic: VIMBREAKS061 Home Alone - Peace & Disorder / Visitors

We’re really happy to welcome to our VIM Breaks family one of the most promising Breaks/Techno producers worldwide! Home Alone is no stranger to the international scene as he has already released singles and remixes for Dead Famous and Dusted Breaks. Watch out for him and his future releases for our label, Ego Shot, Scarity, Yellow Finger, Big Square and Ridicloud Records! The 1st remix comes from System 2, an up and coming producer from London, UK. He has had releases on Seamless Black and R3tox Records and has more remixes out on VIM Breaks later this year. The 2nd mix is by Digibox, who has just released his excellent single Lateral / Masterplan, he’s really ‘on fire’ with forthcoming releases on our label and the Spanish Imbassion Records.

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1. Peace & Disorder (Original Mix)

Typical ultra phat n’ top quality Home Alone stuff! An excellent blend of Electro-Breaks, Proggy drops, Techno licks and wikked distorted rollin driven synths! Fire on the dancefloor!!

2. Peace & Disorder (System 2 Mix)

Pure class Tech-Funk bizznizz with wikked woobling bassline, click n’ bleeps, groovy feelin and some ultra darkish spacey fx combined with original elements!

3. Visitors (Original Mix)

Techy percussion, amazing Proggy rollin synths, phat kicks, vocal hooks... walking down the street like a charged up Popeye on ten cans of Spinach!!

4. Visitors (Digibox Mix)

Digibox keep things tidy and darkish in his unique Breaks style! Vocal drops (anyone looking for Mars invaders?), classy proggy things, phat beatz, ups and down, cleverish building and rollin bassline!

Far To Loud (Funkatech Records): Liking the System 2 remix...nice rolling groove!

Mr No Hands (Mixmag Breaks Reviewer): Peace & Disorder is pretty banging, innit! nice wans

Runriot (We Are Live Records, Ape Music, Skint Records): Visitors is mad! Disjointed compressed sound is a WIN for me

KickFlip (Fat!, En:Vision, Brighton Breaks): Visitors is a tidy tripped out breaks number! The sync sounds fazed me a bit but is cool otherwise. System 2 also bring a good trippy tech funk mix to Peace & Disorder.

Kultur (iBreaks Funk, Kultura Breaks, Logiko Beatz): The System 2 and Digibox remixes are fantastic !! More fresh sounds for the summer... yeah ! I will support both in my Kultura Breakz show (iBreaks radio) in the next weeks and also in my live sets.

Llupa (Scarity Records, Ridicloud Records): Loving the groove of Peace & Disorder, it's got a real running vibe. Love the break in there too. Visitors is much more in your face, again with a sweet groove but in a much more head down stompin' way - massive! System2 take their remix, deep, waaay deep - this is cool stuff. Digibox also take their pretty deep too!
solid release - full support here!

Steve Maccabe (Tech Funk Sessions, V.I.M.Breaks): Both versions of Peace & Disorder go straight in to the record bag, the original reminds me a bit of early Chemical Brothers stuff, with the little acid tweaks and heavy percussion. The System 2 remix is quality aswell. Great rolling bassline and phat drums keep the track progressing and always building, two top tunes right here, will play both.

Daniella Downs (Dead Famous Records Label Manager): peace & disorder sounds like it should be the opening tune on like a chemical brothers-esque stadium set. im convinced that dino has the most potentially fucked up brain in dance music, and it shows on everything he does. swell chap too!

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