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A new prog / psy breaks release from VIM Records by Latvian newcomers Beat Rangers. The original is a journey through atmospheric soundscapes driven by progressive basslines, filtered synths and phat breakbeat drums. Poland's Helbot take it on a different vibe with energetic glitched out drums and added synth melodies. Line Of Sight creates an even more epic journey than the original which builds to a moody breakdown with heavy dubstep influenced drums. Triple Agent turns out a mix with his trademark psychedelic sound - galloping basslines, screeching synths and trippy vocal samples, one of the psy breaks heads!

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Preview links:

1. Original Mix
2. Helbot Mix
3. Line Of Sight Mix
4. Triple Agent Mix

Far To Loud (Funkatech): Original is a well produced tidy track. Nice and punchy with lots of space in the mix. Loving Luk's vibe on the Triple Agent mix too, for later on in the night!

EK (Dead Famous): Wicked track. My favs are the original and Line of Sight remix.

Quextal (NSB Radio): Strong package this one. Good progressive vibe on the original. Helbot toughens it up but keeps it nicely melodic and flowing. Line Of Sight stays with the progressive theme but gives a nice alternate twist on it. They're all good! But, perhaps inevitably, Triple Agent's is my favourite of the bunch - fat, groovy and melodic psybreaks ftw!

Llupa (NSB Radio / Dusted Breaks): Have to say - great line up of remix artist on this. great groove in the original, got a real strut to it. LOS and Triple Agent remix for me on this, both will get a good rinsing from me!

Mike Method (Monk3y Logic) (Broken Records): Overall this is solid release with some very nice tech grooves, 3 of the 4 tracks have made it into my CD wallet :-)

Daniela Downs (Dead Famous): wow, this is a fucking great release. i like all 4 of the mixes on here for different reasons. the original has a really nice flair to it. luk's remix is driving as fuck all, helbot's mix is drum heavy as whoa, but the line of sight mix is what takes it for me. driving techy/trippy biz. he came 1 thousand percent correct on it. all in all tho, all 4 of them are great in their own respect. excellent release smile

Lee Martin (Dusted Breaks) Line Of Sight remix is wicked!! Full support from me!

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