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Don't know why Xeb's laughing!

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Fvck me, it's the Timo Maas of sharks.

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I happened across the following a while back and would like to draw all your attentions to it. 

It is an extract from a web page - the full version of which can be viewed here, - and which I might be so bold as to suggest we should all pay great heed to in light of the recent spate of shark attacks in clubs.

The extract reads as follows;

The best prevention for shark attack is common sense applied to where you club, and what activities you undertake, and awareness of what may invite or provoke an attack. General guidelines for clubbing, in areas inhabited by sharks include:

- Club with other people -- never alone. Don't club, where dangerous sharks are known to congregate.

- Avoid clubbing between sandbars, near steep drop-offs, near channels or at river mouths where sharks are found.

- Don't club in dirty or turbid water. Avoid wearing shiny jewelry that might simulate the scales of a prey fish, and also avoid uneven tanning and contrasting, bright-colored clothing. Don't club at dusk or at night.

- Refrain from excessive splashing. Keep pets and domestic animals, with their erratic movements, out of the water.

- Don't club near people who are fishing or spear-fishing, or near sewage outfalls. Avoid spreading blood or human wastes in the water.

- If schooling fish start to behave erratically or congregate in large numbers, leave the area.

- If a shark is sighted in the area, leave the club as calmly and quickly as possible.

Sharks often are called unpredictable, but this has been more a reflection of our own knowledge rather than the behavior of the sharks themselves. Learning more about sharks' natural behavior is needed. A person armed with such knowledge may be able to predict with some confidence the behavior of a shark that they encounter in the club, and avoid provoking the shark to attack.

Wise words I'm sure you'll all agree - let's take care of each other out there.

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