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ok, you know how much i genuinely love our sound so dont get me wrong here.

Its just I keep hearing alot of noisy breaks tracks in shops these days. There is alot of really good stuff around but does anyone else feel that some of the breaks artists need to strip stuff down a bit or do you lot prefer busy arrangements?

Quality producers can make complicated tracks without sounding too busy, Dan F for example is spot on every time. But its just some other tracks lose my interest cos they try to do too much at the same time.

Anyone else think this about some breaks tracks or is it just me?


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to me, breaks like any genre, has its good and bad.  the more melodic stuff sounds quite nice with the bare essential elements imo.  the melody in these tracks is what drives them. 

for the tougher stuff, i dont have a preference between lots of layers vs. stripped down music.   i just want it to be unpredictable.  music has a basic structure to it by definition, but from that point on i want to hear something "creative", not formulaic.  i try my best in my own productions to be creative and do somehting different, shouldnt everyone?

just my $.02

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Depends for me on how well the track is produced - Sasha's Wavy Gravy is a busy old track despite it's mellow breaks feel - there's a lot going on in that track.

On others, they have very few elements and still manage to kick serious @rse.

I guess a good tune's a good tune and overall it is the production that dictates that.

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Really complex, lots-going-on tracks used to really do it for me - for the whole "Phwooar! Listen to that! It's maaad!" factor. But now I'm really liking simpler stuff. The cleaner, the better.

I love Phil Kieran's 'My House', right, but even if I'm playing breaksy tunes, I'm going to play the house mix of that track because the breaks mix has just got too much noisy jumble going on in the background. It detracts from the tune having too much at once.

I think breaks tunes with too much 'noise' remind me too much of the bigbeat sound. That was all a bit "throw everything in there and make them spill their Stella!", whereas good breaks is a bit more classy than that.

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Re: busy arrangements/noisy breaks

It all depends on my mood really, but I do prefer tight beats and melody (Hybrid & Chris Carter stylee)

but I reckon the noisiness of certain tunes differs for different people- I absolutely love the energy in 'My House', breaks mix.



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Crevice, Wavy Gravy is a good example of a complicated track which doesnt sound too busy cos its produced so well.  Not everyone is as clever as Charlie May. Hybrid is another good example- they have loads of stuff going on but each sound has its own place in the mix. I just think a few other artists are letting themselves down by cramming in too much when they dont have the production skills to let the sounds breath.

Some tracks i listened to yesterday had great 1st halves, but then they wacked loads of silly stuff in and it just ended up a clattering mess... theres still some quality stuff around tho. Picked up a wicked HVB track this morning...lush!

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Picked up a wicked HVB track this morning...lush!

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Re: busy arrangements/noisy breaks

its pink and goes 'waaaaaaaa'.lush

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A good record does not need a lot going on it in to sound good. Its all in the mix down.

Some of the best records i own are very stripped, but the way the sounds gel and the way it is mixed down makes it sound FAT.

I agree there are too many breaks records out there with too much going on. I prefer a good breakbeat with a sweetbline and some nice melodies.
Unfortunately there is a lack of this kind of thing at the moment.

Sound Of Habib is a label i think is putting out some wicked music.

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so many of the breaks records you pick are dominated by these big "speed-garage" basslines and furious samples etc., which is cool.... don't get me wrong, i like, but it would be nice to have some simpler, melodic things to mix into some of my more melodic prog stuff... ne2 stylee.

don't get me wrong, i like both styles, but there IS shortage of one.

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Re: busy arrangements/noisy breaks

think a lot of this has come from old big beat tunes . . . in the way that the sub-bass on d & b records was used by nu skool producers I think a lot of breaks producers have taken those busy bustling arrangements of sample-filled big beat . . .

of course the reason those recorsd were so noisy was to cover up the dodgy production and bits of samples out of time / key whatever. So when a record comes along with a bit of production class and clarity it blows your socks off . . .

For what it's worth - another master of this has got to be Rabbit In The Moon. Every beat, note, whatever is crystal clear and not bogged down in amongst all the other stuff going on . . .

Think there are a lot of people out there who don't realise that a 'BIG' sound doesn't always require 15 drum kits and enough sub bass to floor a skyscraper . . .

"subtlety" is surely the key . . . . . . . ?!

Re: busy arrangements/noisy breaks

HVB = Headrock Valley Beats - Darklight ? This is a wicked tune.