Topic: F.A.O. Rosie R

Hi Rosie!

It's Scott's mate Jon....

When are you going out to Vietnam??
I'm flying out on the 19th Feb for two weeks visiting Scott.
Are you out there around the same time?

I may bump into you down in Brighton this Friday if not I'll be at Fabric on the 15th.

Let us know how you are...


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Re: F.A.O. Rosie R

Well hello!

I'm good thanks and up in Lonon now.

Yeah, I'll be over that way about the same time. Going via Bangkok and Cambodia. Probably get to Hanoi around the 20/21 Feb. We're then going to saunter down the coast til the 3rd of March when I fly back to Bangkok and Elaine will go on with her travels.

Plan to be at both the Beach this Fri and Fabric on the 15th so will def see you at one or the other. Have given up with my contacts so forgive me if I don't recognise you straight off!

'Saint'? Is that wishful thinking trying to woo Southampton FC on?

Hope Romsey's treating you kindly.  smile