Topic: DSUK020 - Andrew Philippov - Space Ocean EP - OUT NOW!

DSUK020 :: Andrew Philippov - Space Ocean EP

Greetings everyone,

Our 20th (!) release introduces Russian producer Andrew Philippov
to the breaks scene with a mesmerising 3 track EP of progressive,
melodic and chilled breaks. Although fairly new to the scene, Andrew
has had his breaks work featured on Beatport and signed many genres
to a number of melodic labels such as Deep Blue Eyes and Mistique.
Encompassing everything DSUK respects about the melodic breaks genre,
you'll find perfect fodder for intro tracks to your melodic sets, when you
need a beautiful break from the action, or for just chilling of an evening,
be prepared to be taken on a journey.


1. Space Ocean
2. Silver Lining
3. Contact


This release is OUT NOW at all your favourite download stores:

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Thanks to everyone for their continued support smile

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