Topic: buying breaks in Germany...

Hi at Bedrock
I own germany's best and only real Breakbeat Record shop (Only breaks, only Vinyl) -  Divinyl, Berlin. I even run my own independant Import from England, just to show how enthusiastic I am. But I can't stock your records (which I need ) because your Distributer here is.... who? I dont know! I guess they're a big techno/house company, like Music Mail, who have NO REAL INTEREST IN BREAKS, and that you have an exclusive contract with them....  real daft.  I've been fighting this stupidity for years; it's the reason why no breaks records really sell well in germany  - bearing in mind there are less than a dozen breaks shops in germany at all, because it's so difficult to buy breaks in the first place, unless you're into Commercial House or Techno. roll
So two things.... who is your Distributor, and will you sell to me Direct ? If Postage is a problem, I fly over & pick them up myself.......
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