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the first time i heard this little tune it grabbed my attention and each time i hear it i like it more and more.

the remix by rennie is very nice as well.

I know you hear the music............ but are you listening???

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just got hold of it as an mp3...lovely...heard it before but didn't know what it was.....i liking big_smile


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hmm . . . never heard of 'em ?!

I'm guessing if Mr Pilgrem's involved it's a UK thing on TCR ?

Who are Emit then ?!

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It's actually by Zero. Emit/Collect is the name of the track with a remix by Rennie & BLIM coming out fairly soon. One of my absolute fave tunes at the moment. Guaranfrickinteeeeeeed to get a crowd insanely riled up.

Rennie/BLIM mix can be heard here:

I think it's about the 4th track in.


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anyone catch it at fabric last night.....koma and bones last track (or second from last?) then tayo dropped it later on...i raved so much i can't even stand up big_smile


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Oh, THAT tune. Absolutely fucking massive. the evidence is clear: I must have heard it played at least four times at the breaks awards- at one point it was played in one room. As soon as it was finished, I went over to the next room, where it was dropped again!

Definitely a dancefloor destroying tune- particularly the Rennie remix.