Topic: tune id (with sample)

can anyone id this for me?

quite laid back tune with a riff that sounds a bit like the music from American Beauty that was used in the Raven Maize track...

has a repeating male vocal (the guy sounds like Seal?!) saying "Can you see my vision"

also a spoken female sample a few times that goes:


wonderful things are about to happen

all of your wildest dreams are about to come true

so lay back and relax

let me give my love to you"

any takers?  sample at www.geocities.com/nigmarcussen/id.mp3



Re: tune id (with sample)

Jakatta feat. Seal - 'My vision' (Rulin)

glad to 'elp   


Re: tune id (with sample)

muchos graicias mate   

so it was seal.

and raven maize (or jakatta, same thing).

i must be a better choo-choo than i thought   
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