Topic: Another top 5

With all these top five charts going around at the moment I thought I`d start another one:

Your top 5 FHM High St Honeys please:

Mine (in order of most masturbated to)

1. Emma Churchill (76)

2. Naomi K (56)

3. Jennifer Amison (33)

4. Paula Murphy (81)

5. Alma Dougan (36)

Have to admit it was a close call, and in the end I had to toss between the top two. Emma won!   

As for Kirstin Dillon (40) - Nice try, especially the nurses uniform, but you just missed out.

Might have a go at making a top 20...     
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Re: Another top 5

mmm, difficult one

1) Kirstin Dillon (40) (Have a thing for nurses uniforms!)

2) Jennifer Amison (33)

3) Paula Murphy (81)

Honestly, can't decide between the rest!