Topic: Yet more top 5 action

Post your top five dance moves u bust out when raving away to some deep dark dirty prog. Mines gotta be

1. The shuffle to the front and try to touch/annoy diggers

2. The slightly move my arms, but being carefull not to get too crazy

3. The jot down the latest tunes on my jotter dance, whilst being carefull to sip my weak lemon drink

4. The not dancing at all cos i gotta fully take in the journey

5. The funky chicken (mixed up with some robot and a few head spins thrown in for good measure



Re: Yet more top 5 action

Mmmm...  Dave Id like to see you demonstrate these great moves you're bragging about

I'm not sure I have whole top 5 favourite dance moves, but I can say just listening and interpreting the music the way I feel it always makes me start grinning from ear to ear!  Dancing to prog is my all time favourite. 

And thats coming from someone who is exposed to dancing in every form imaginable.  Right from doing ballet to classical music, to bouncing to some hard house, even  just grooving to some cheesy old tunes. 

I find dancing to prog is a very um...  intelligent!  Not sure if that sounds funny.  Alot less predicatble than alot of the stuff I was exposed to at the start of my clubing days.

I'm I alone on this one?