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Has anyone else read this?  I thought there were a few points that hit the nail on the head very well.  It was interesting to see that Breaks being a 'multi-headed' genre was acknowledged, spanning the fingerlickin stuff, to what Hybrid do, to the darker Rennie Pilgrim stuff etc...

This is probably stating the bleeding obvious for most people on this forum, but the beats aside I can struggle sometimes to pigeon-hole what 'style' of breaks, say Lavelle or Lisle (from what I've seen of him), would play as opposed to what  the Stantons or plumps do!  Yeah, I have no problem hearing the difference, but fundamentally I would find it a problem to state that, 'yeh hes playing this kind of breaks, and he's playing that kind of breaks...'

I love my breaks, but I am a punter who goes for the nights out.  I dont DJ and I wouldn't really call myself a top-notch train spotter, I buy the cd's and go to the parties!  big_smile

Its funny how (to my mind) everything has to be categorised to make it easier to get into....Seeing as breaks are stlll growing and growing, how many categories of breaks  are there gonna be in the long run?  Like house, which is split all over the shot, (prog, tech, hard, deep, funky...etc), can you walk into a vinyl shop now and find breaks split into genres like this, or do you buy all your tunes from a part of the display that says BREAKS!! and know what your getting from reading which label it comes out on?

I wonder what style is gonna outlast the other?

Hope this kind of makes sense, but I just think that saying 'I like breaks!' is a very vague thing to say now that it seems to be becoming such a broad genre!


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i was thinking that...even a year ago breaks was....breaks....that was it....if someone asked me what music i listened to i said breaks...that was there are SO many styles of breaks its stupid


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Surely the variety of different styles is a good thing though? The only bad thing is the way people who favour a styles of breaks, seem to find fault with other styles eg 'nuskool' fans criticizing 'progressive breaks' and vice versa. There are also people who think breaks djs shouldn't play house or make housey breaks while others argue that there is not enough variety in some djs sets. I'm actually really bloddy sick of all these stupid arguments.

Personally, I think if you like a tune, you shouldn't worry about what style it is, as long as it works for you. I suppose that's something similar to something the Plumps said in that interview.

I've read comments on Nubreaks & Nuskoolbreaks that have criticized the Plumps for playing house in their sets, or for being cheesy, and also for not being in touch with the scene. Personally, i think that'sa load of bulls*it, but that's my opinion. But really, who decides what good breaks are, and what is crap? I still want to know what constitutes a 'proper breaks' night, because some feel that the Plumps at Fabriclive is simply a tourist attraction, and not a place where a 'real' breaks fan would go.

It really does amaze me though, because their new stuff, and i'm not just talking about their recent release, i'm talkin' bout 'The Gate' (which is the new 'Scram' imo) and other stuff that they test out at their nights, is really innovative and like nothing else that's out there at the moment. I still think that their album will surprise people.

Maybe i'm biased, cos they got me into breaks.
Or maybe it's cos i'm a girl, because they admit that they make 'female friendly breaks' (or whatever they said). Is this why I can't get enough of their sound?

I'm rambling. Hope it's not too boring.

Nice to see the Disposable Breaks DJs get a mention in the article!


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i like what i like........fair enough it comes under "nuskool breaks"

and progressive breaks seems a bit boring to me....but thats just my opinion....but yea anna i agree....people should just listen to what they like and let everyone else listen to what they like....its that simple