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What a legendary horse 5-1 at Haydock last month and 3-1 today at kempton... brought it home both times. Lovely.

guaranteed 3 pager this.

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I just want you to know we're done professionally

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I'm still seething over our 1-1 draw with Fulham.

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I'm over the fucking moon about City's piss poor draw today against the Baggies.

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Let's not forget the dippers struggling against Blackburn also.

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Now watching Dymano Magician round at Smallman Snr's.

All good.

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Leeds are shit. Yes.

But the dippers not being able to beat the bottom club at home has made my xmas. Go Chaz Adams, you fuckin fat cunt.

Part of the problem

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I beat both my niece and nephew at Hungry Hippo's so well done me