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Harsh words there from Pumper.

Meanwhile here's Bill with sports.

Competence is such an exotic bird in these woods that I appreciate it whenever I see it.

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Pumper&Dumper wrote:

SWB the whole point of this message board is to have opinion, that includes mocking people you welsh cunt. It's not girls guides camp in here. If you want diplomacy go and be a choir boy

So by me having an opinion totally blows you comment out of the water. So next...

I think I've made Dermo's shit I famous now?

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SBW enters the fray towards the end of a 5-pager.

Could be double figures here. Keep on keeping it real Sean.

Whaaaat a shiiithouse

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Why is Sasha such a nose job junkie?? Be back in a minute...................snot dribbler........terrible darby and habit!!
I wonder why JD and Sasha fell out?? Maybe flying clay pigeons......or differentiating musical policies??
Bedrockers............Fabric - 30th or Bedrock Easter party??

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Great addition to the proceedings. Why are you such a pointless cunt? No one will ever know.

Part of the problem

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starcreeper wrote:

Irish slang for one who snivels.

is it? and how do you work that out?

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