Topic: Silk Royal Showcase 182 (29-03-2013)

Artist: Jacob Henry
Show: Silk Royal Showcase 182 (Silk Royal Showcase 03 Album Preview)
Genre: Progressive house
Source: Proton Radio
Date: 29-03-2013
Quality: 320 kbps
Playing Time: 59 min
Total Size: 82.3 MB

Silk Royal Showcase (SRS) Radio Show was established in early 2009 by Jacob Henry, label manager of Silk Royal Records and co-owner of Silk Music Publishing. More recently, Ad Brown, Tom Fall, and Zack Roth — three of Silk Royal’s leading artists — joined the show. Each week, one of the four co-hosts presents a new episode, including a one-hour guest mix by a house, progressive, or trance DJ of international repute. While the show has now become one of the largest and most respected progressive platforms around, with in excess of 20,000 downloads per month on iTunes alone, its mission remains the same: to highlight the latest releases from Silk Royal, as well as deliver cutting-edge dance music from label affiliates around the globe.

You can listen to episode #182 on Soundcloud and download within iTunes Podcast.

1. Marsh - Lullaby (Intro Mix) [Forthcoming on Silk Royal Showcase 03] [0:00]
2. Gregory Esayan - Innerspace (Dan & Sam Club Mix) [Forthcoming on Silk Royal Showcase 03] [8:18] *Royal Selection*
3. eleven.five - Freckles (Luiz B Remix) [Silk Digital] [15:03]
4. Shawn Mitiska feat. Hannah Ray - Salt (Nigel Good Remix) [Enhanced Progressive] [20:41]
5. Fon.Leman - Anaconda (Original Mix) [Intricate] [25:09]
6. Shingo Nakamura - Perception (Simon Sheppard Remix) [Silk Digital] [30:41]
7. Peter Illias - Evolution (Original Mix) [Forthcoming on Silk Royal Showcase 03] [36:15]
8. Nhato - Hello World (Shingo Nakamura Remix) [Otographic] [43:19]
9. Nigel Good feat. Sarah Clark - Always Running (Original Mix) [Silk Digital] [48:02]
10. Gregory Esayan - Innerspace (Harold-Alexis Remix) [Silk Sofa] [54:18]

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