Topic: Layers Seasons pt.1 installation

Layers did a 4 part installation called Seasons.

Enjoy! 3 more to come! … e-seasons1

Gui Boratto-Tipologia
Gui Boratto-Tipologia(Stickroth&Ercoline)
Asem Shama-Kate
Yakine-Rise(James Teej)
Sasha&James Teej-As You Fall
Exercise One-Lost Forever In A Happy Crowd
BP-Inspirado Por Usted
BP-Inspirado Por Usted(Guy J)
WhoMadeWho-Running Man(Martin Dawson&Catz N Dogz)
Frankie Watch-Geiri
Booka Shade-Haleshop
Kreiss&GFP-State Of A Track(UNER)
Duke Dermont-The Giver
Muzarco-Instict Mostly
Adam Beyer&Ida Engberg-Lovecraft
Yariv Bernstein-Taxa
Thomas Schumacher-Red Purple
Verche-Hydra(Luis Junior)