Topic: SummerPlace 'Get A Fuck/Unemplyed' (Sounds of Juan)

SOJ107 SummerPlace "Get A Fuck/Unemployed" out now on Sounds of Juan - part of the Endemic Digital Inc family.

With support from Stacey Pullen, Cristian Varela, Barry Jamieson, Ken Liu, Tini Tun, Derek Howell, Sossa, Teknobrat, Lee Walker, Lee Pennington, Kevin Shiu, Tim Benjamin and many more!!

Traxsource: … iginal-mix
Beatport: … ep/1095989
Trackitdown: … 25449.html
Juno Download: … 211017-02/

Full list of retailers can be found here:

Soundcloud: … get-a-fuck


1 SummerPlace - Get a Fuck (Original Mix)
2 SummerPlace - Unemployed (Original Mix)

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Endemic Digital Inc (Facebook): … 1046992840

Wez Saunders