Topic: Dexter Ford 'Till Before LP' (Endemic Digital)

EDND011 Dexter Ford 'Till Before LP' out now on Endemic Digital - part of the Endemic Digital Inc family.

With support from Sasha, Richie Hawtin, Luciano, Adam Beyer, M.A.N.D.Y, Slam, Oliver Schories, Martin Garcia, Moodymanc and many more!!

Trackitdown: … 50531.html
Juno Download: … 226595-02/

Full list of retailers can be found here:

Soundcloud: … -ford-till


1 Dexter Ford - Glass (Original Mix)
2 Dexter Ford - Falling (Original Mix)
3 Dexter Ford - Pacific Trash Vortex (Original Mix)
4 Dexter Ford - Pedro (Original Mix)
5 Dexter Ford - Born Deep (Original Mix)
6 Dexter Ford - Valis (Original Mix)
7 Dexter Ford - Sugar Bounce (Original Mix)
8 Dexter Ford - Refractal (Original Mix)
9 Dexter Ford - Rosario (Original Mix)
10 Dexter Ford - Till Before (Original Mix)

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Wez Saunders

Re: Dexter Ford 'Till Before LP' (Endemic Digital)

fantastic album smile