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Vaughan's just said this will be all over today - Cook, Bell and Pieterson gone for less than thirty runs and 50 odd overs still to go today - difficult to disagree with him...

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Hehehehehehehe - three down in the first ten balls after tea...

In a strange way this is quite cathartic - actually mildly amusing now

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Make that four down in eleven balls...

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Done.  Dusted.  Cunts.

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Myself and my bird have been laughing at them for the last 3 tests. Seems like they've left the best til last. Horrific.

JFT 39

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Cook bores the shite out of me. Totally bland answers and would do well on the back bench at westminster. boron.

Need to ship all the saffas out for me and play the kids. Don't care how good technically" they are they are all are.

Get the kids in and fuck flower off too, slack and half arsed not doing both one dayers and test.

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Mr Boring wrote:

I could listen to Boycott all day. Predictable but thoroughly entertaining.

Blowers has developed a really annoying snorty snoring noise thing. Time to sack him off.

I quite like Ed Smith although there's a danger of him becoming too smooth and turning into that smug cunt Mark Nicholas.

Vic Marks is quality.

For pure gold, it has to be Bob willis

With his thousand yard stare, I can see him skulking the back streets of whitechappel ,slashing and hacking, with pace and aggression, with his freemason set of steak knives,bearing gifts of  pike,bushmeat and khat for the local  eastern european/congalese/somalian prostitutes.

A modern day Edwardian driller killer , complete with stove pipe hat and cape, laying out mary bells intestines in a wagon wheel.

Some one please stop him before its to late..wont somebody think of the children..

ps for mark nicholas , read  smooth lounge lizard cad, ready to sire your mrs as soon as your back is turned.the fucking stoat.

he'd probably lay her out over a Louis xiv chair and plunder her sweet minge while twiddling gentleman wax on his moustache with one hand and fleecing her post office account with the other.The cunt.

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There's something wrong with me chemically Something wrong with me inherently,The wrong MIX In the wrong genes, I reached the wrong ends By the wrong means, It was the wrong plan In the wrong hands,The wrong theory for the wrong man,The wrong eyes On the wrong prize,
The wrong questions with the wrong replies. Wrong.

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Not looking forward to India. I've got two days at Lord's, one at Trent Bridge and one at The Oval. I bought them before the cunts left for Australia.

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Graham Gooch should go after 5 tests of the worst batting in living memory.