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... did this live and broadcast on at the end of May but was stuck for laptop space so immediately whacked it onto a hard-drive and promptly forgot about it - plus I was wrecked by the end of it - I seem to remember the idea was to showcase some recently acquired stuff but as it went on it turned into a bit of a rose-tinted-affair...

Mixed live and broadcast on 29th May 2013 - not yet fully listened back so take it as you find it smile

01 Rio Padice - Camden
02 Willie Burns - I'm Gonna Get You
03 Clarian & Guy Gerber - Claire
04 Willie Burns - Windows Down
05 Milton Jackson - Sub Rosa
06 Edu Imernon - Open Air (Tube & Berger Remix)
07 Ejeca - Different Rules
08 New Jackson - Sat Around Here Waiting (Pional Remix)
09 Andre Com - Reality (Dusky Remix)
10 Burnski & MANIK - YJG
11 Duff Disco - You Shoulda Known
12 Jimspter feat Simon Jinadu - These Times (Dixon's Retouch)
13 Moodtrap - 04.01
14 Ian O'Donavan - Sanctuary
15 Depeche Mode - Freelove (Deep Dish Freedom Remix)
16 Barbarella - My Name Is Barbarella (Deep Dish Armageddon remix)
17 Jaydee - Payback (Mainstage Remix)
18 Chymera - Wish

Had to overdub an additional intro to overcome SoundCloud's copyright detection software - full mix is now up though...

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Did anybody give this a listen?!

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Yes me.

I like it mate, proper work. Tracks like Ejeca, Claire, M.Jackson etc., superb compilation, well mixed.

Cheers mate

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Re: smashdad - mixlr02 - 29.05.13

Thank you for listening and posting mate - glad you liked it.

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Really good set, with a great atmosphere, especially the first hour. Shame that Willie Burns - I'm Gonna Get You track doesn't have a dub remix. Apart from the vocals it's perfect.