Topic: So I found a demo CD from 2004 I never released... … ssive-2004

Found it while having a sort out. Never saw the light of day, never did a run of CDs to go out. But now I can just upload it to Soundcloud thought it might as well finally get out there.

Think I positioned this as a bit of a warm-up demo for the nights I was playing at that time. The flow and tracks fit it as such, some deep, dark and warm, with some nice melodic elements later on. All vinyl as well.

Tracklist goes something like:

Viton & Stel - Wooden Swordz (Jose Zamora & Dousk JDK Mix)
Girl Nobody - Cages (Lemon8 Remix)
ID - ID - (anyone has any ideas, let me know as i'm racking my brain on this one.)
Pole Folder feat. Sandra Ferretti - Protected (M.A.S. Collective Black Curtain Dub Mix)
Quivver - These are the Days (Original Mix)
Duran & Aytek - First Sight (Original Mix)
Ebrius vs. Benz & MD - Sound 84 (Subsky Mix)
Signum - The Timelord (Signum's Spectral Balance Mix)