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I'm not sure which is worse, a DJ on their own with no crowd or the crowd of cunts standing behind them who look like they're at an art exhibition.

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The Doncaster BYO video has everyone facing away from the dj and that looks great, though I guess when it comes to looking at a DJ there is the technical side of it and I guess a teaching element - how did he pull that mix off or how the fuck is he juggling those records (though have there been any turntablists for Boiler Room?). I don't think there is anything wrong with that.

Just one more thing...

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Peoples biggest mistake here is taking this whole circus too seriously.

Point and fucking laugh. Job done. You can still hear the music while doing so.


Whaaaat a shiiithouse

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Dan Harwood wrote:

You just don't hear the Grandstand theme tune enough these days. Might have to drop it myself on Saturday night.

It's been stuck, on loop, in my head for the last 4 days...

Re: Boiler Room … portunity/