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Mr Boring wrote:
Grant wrote:

Or maybe get the younger generation off benefits, working and paying taxes

I think it's a case of AND rather than OR.

Fair point. Still doesn't get away from the infrastructure issue, it's already a major problem.

Re: Travel (BULGARIAN)

got to love the auntie beeb.

Having a debate (yet again) on radio 5, re immigration to showcase a new bbc show made by Head political editor Nick Robinson Tonight.

We  have been given the green light/permission by our paymasters and finally the bbc ,to discuss this in a sensible manner. Cheers!,

.i'll pop down to upton park and tell me dad and his mates,that are eastenders/hindu's/sikh's in green street(duke of edinboro) that  nicky campbell and Cameron,the cunt , have said its ok to voice their concerns over overcrowding/poverty and exploitation without fear or scorn.

Im sure that as a resident of newham for 70 years and having witnessed the east end you love turn to shit, you will be more than receptive to the bbc and out of touch politicians giving you the go ahead , you uneducated 'bigot' @gordon brown

still it was nice of ken livingstone to pop down to kens cafe next to the west ham ground, on
his london mayor electorial campaign, see you in 4 years ken!.

as Someone said earlier in this thread, could it be that the problem is encroaching  upon their living space in knightsbridge and mayfair.

politicians and the bbc . i'll shit 'em.

btw nick , im sure your programme tonight will be fair and even handed!

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