Topic: The official Bedrock club signal thread

Been to a club recently and had a great signal? Maybe an awful signal that ruined your night and made you leave early? Maybe you need one to keep tabs on your crew? Spot of shazamming? You need a signal you can rely on. Yeh?
Need to tweet the last track id? Maybe FB a pic of you ledging it right up with the dj?

Hot spots, cold spots, full bars, no bars?

Here is the difinitive list of club signals.

Night - Bedrock
Club - Fire

Provider - O2
Phone - Samsung S4
General signal - 4 bars (good)
Hot spot - Facing west near stage, phone shoulder height.

Other good reception areas -

Held next to JOAM's ringpiece - full bars.

Area to avoid - Trap 3

Part of the problem

Re: The official Bedrock club signal thread

Must admit to appreciating the wifi code that John dished out to all the Bedrock Board heavy hitters before each concert, nice touch that.

Re: The official Bedrock club signal thread

Dermo wrote:

Other good reception areas -

JOAM's ringpiece


"eunuch jelly thou!"