Topic: Shit on that Poochie

Maybe having kids means you are around to see more of this but ffs there seems to be dog shit, everywhere. It even hides under leaves (which don't count if you are the owner). A months ago I stood in a substantial amount with the Mother in Law present.  Said trainer was only 2 months old but it went both sides and fresh grooves, I have left it in the garden but the elves haven't done anything with it.

I am going to cob them, flash fucking cunt.

Dog owners, it is always someone else's, isn't it. Cunts

Jack is back baby.....

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Re: Shit on that Poochie

'Shit on that Poochie'

best thread title since i joined the board.

reminds me of a james brown/maceo parker funk track like 'pass the peas'.'take it to the bridge'
'stone to the bone'

yeah!... shit on that poochie brother!.

slang for blurting your load into a nubian queens rectum,perhaps?

THE  funk track for ETC..

Sure public enemy fans will know it.

ETC  Used to shake a leg to this back in the days of 'shake and finger pop', norman jay/jay strongman.

funk funk funk

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