Topic: Matt Black January mix

Hi all

Here is my new mix for January, hope you like it … -promo-mix

1. David Salazar - Wicked mind
2. Andrea Fissore - What do you wanna say (Mark Holmes and Russell James remix)
3. Diego Poblets - Waves (Matias Chilano remix)
4. Blue Amazon - No other love (Silinder remix)
5. Aiden Lavelle - Direction
6. Robert Elison - Free (Matt Black remix)
7. Martin Roth - Suite 909
8. Dmitry Molosh - Singing heaven
9. Marc Pollen - The way of life (Central Rodeo remix)
10. Echomen - Perpetual (Loquai unofficial remix)

Re: Matt Black January mix

Listening now mate, liking track two alot.

Re: Matt Black January mix

Good stuff Matt, enjoyed that!