Topic: Zo Bezerk - Opening Party - East London - 4 April

Zo Bezerk - Opening Party
Friday, 4 April 2014
New Venue - East London - Location TBA
10pm - 4am

Music Policy will comprise of Techno, Tech-House, Deep House, Minimal & Disco.

For concession guestlist visit us at

Those that make full head to toe effort will be granted FREE admission before 11.30pm. We love quirkiness...

Zo Bezerk is whatever your creativity wants it to be. Set to the elicit backdrop of East London’s asphalt jungle brushed with the strokes of Banksy and the taint of Eastern promise where cool courts controversy, the unconventional urban unique community flaunt their individuality, with difference over designer.

With mystery and excitement we encourage all to join in their chosen guise, be it of any influence that can be manipulated with enchanted elegance and a hint of underlying darkness. Let creativity be your guide.

We emphasise on curating the full party experience rather than just the promotion of the acts we have carefully selected to entertain you, hence our line-ups are NTBA (Never To Be Announced).

Martin Audio sound system to please you aurally in two rooms which will be transformed to compliment the two chambers of darkness and light in this untainted space Zo Bezerk has discovered in the heartland of East London.

With Zo Bezerk creativity is key and therefore embraced in all that we do. We are happy to work with teams who share this creative vision with us. It excites us that Face Addict Hair Junkie (FAHJ) artistes will be joining us to help create an oasis of enchanted elegance touched by a twist of underlying darkness for all of you who wish to release your inner Zo Bezerkness.

Get friendly with us here

For general enquiries, get in touch with 'Mable' at

Hours of opening 10pm-4am with last entry at 3am.

After party info will be given ONLY at the main event.

And remember with Zo Bezerk - Anything is Possible

Re: Zo Bezerk - Opening Party - East London - 4 April

We Can't wait to see what the creative hands and minds of the Face Addict Hair Junkies will come up with on 4.4.14 at Zo Bezerk  - under the guise of enchanted elegance with a twist of darkness.

The guest list will close on Thursday 3rd April at 4pm.
Please visit the link below for guest list

Re: Zo Bezerk - Opening Party - East London - 4 April

Just one more week until we Zo Bezerk. Some of you asked and they this space for some background info on the two Special Guests flying in from Japan via Italy, and Berlin wink