Topic: Laoshi hao?

Dear Mr.Clip,

At the end of 2001 Kiss 90 fm had it's last broadcast and I was invited in for club lunch for sunday afternoon but unfortunately I had to go to the States to see relatives.  Well the station lost at the ABA hearing and was unable to be approved officially. 

Got a stong feeling I'll be in little ol' blightly soon that's all!, with possibly a few gigs.  Have experience at Monash Uni radio in working with the console/mixer/desk, levels OK once I had to rig it up and the master was cranked too high and on the the broadcast it was just distortion.  Have used the mic, can talk over music, trigger cue and program, and drop MD advertisments and samples.  My mate Johnny and I joined up for 1-2 months a special session per week and then it got shut down.  Lost to Golden Days Radio (Waverley Region).  Tripped out huh?