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Right, finally a proper thank you to you all from myself & Martin to everyone who has shown support for Coded over the last few months. Below is what Coded after some trials & tribulations managed to achieve.

Mar 17th  - Paolo Mojo (3hr)
Mar 24th  - Deano
Mar 31st  - Rob Duffy (Bank Holiday) Marathon 5 1/2 set!

April 7th - Jolly
April 14th - Deano
April 21st - DJ Drive
April 28th - Jolly

May 5th - Pat Goodall & Kevin Sullivan
May 12th  - MTV (no Coded)
May 19th  - Chris Brackley (Phatplastic) & Kieran McCarthy (BPM)
May 26th  - Dan Harwood & Paul Louth (Intensity/Prologue) (3 hours!)

June 2nd  - Bank Holiday (No Coded)
June 9th - Jonathan Lisle (Bedrock)
June 16th  - Margaret Dygas (Entermusic)
June 23rd  - Andy & Joel (Whoop!)
June 30th  - Rob Duffy (Monthly Resident)

July 7th  - Paolo Mojo
July 14th - Rob Duffy, Pat Goodall, Kevin Sullivan, Jonathan Lisle
July 21st - John Ioannou (Melt)
July 28th

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Re: Proper Coded thank you

Plebs attendance was better than Martins I reckon...

I had great fun at Coded, so it was my pleasure Steve. Looking forward to Coded in its new guise...

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Re: Proper Coded thank you

Cheers Steve, had some nice days down at Coded, especially the one when I lost my headphones!  :evil:  :cry:

Top shout for those O'Hagans burgers, they are HUGE old mothers :shock:

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Re: Proper Coded thank you

I vaguely remember this, you left them in the car park?? Have you replaced them properly yet??

Have a pair of Sony - 300's

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Re: Proper Coded thank you

Thanks Steve. Had a great time at both the Coded's I had the pleasure of playing at. The closing party was extra memorable.

Great moments
- The Monkey bike.
- 17 People in Steves front room. HOW?. :?:
- Jason at the end of the pier trying to sort himself out for the drive home with Pickles. I wasnt actually there at the time, a little matter of being on the terrace at Space when I got the call.
- Eddie on the CK1  wink
- Telling Martin he couldnt play Xpander! lol

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Re: Proper Coded thank you

pleasure was all mine :!:   smile

congratulations to everyone involved for making this summer in Brighton all that more special :roll big_smile

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steve, i think the thanks should go to you and martin... for putting on a damn fine sunday sessions, and providing many wrong ends to the weekend  :shock:

i had a fooking ball every time i made it down... some definite priceless moments...

cheers mate and may the good times roll on big_smile

Re: Proper Coded thank you

Steve, cheers for doing coded. I think I made it down about 5 times. Really enjoyed it every time. I hope you do it again next year. It is such a good way to spend a sunday afternoon. I hope you are not too much out of pocket either.

Thanks again, Joe. smile

Re: Proper Coded thank you

If it wasn't for Coded, I would never have discovered O'Hagans Burgers. Thanks Steve  big_smile

Re: Proper Coded thank you

Gents, next time you're in town, try a Grubbs burger. Unbeatable.

Re: Proper Coded thank you

I've said it before elsewhere but Steve deserves a HUGE congratulations from everyone who visited Coded this summer for the quality and the consitancy of the line-ups every week.

I didn't make it down as often as I'd've liked but those when I did were hugely good fun.  Best memory for me was seeing the 'stages' of reaction to the first time I ever played 'Dr Who' in public - furrowed brows, followed by open mouths, followed by quizical looks, followed by madness.  Quality. Quality. Quality.

Never did discover these burgers that everyone keeps going on about - I can only, sincerely, hope to put that right next year.

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