Topic: Goldmember - Now this is funny....

Austin Powers in Goldmember: The Sydney Morning Herald has just done an in-depth article talking with Jay Roach about some of the deleted sequences from the hour or so of footage cut out from the Mike Myers comedy (40 mins of which will be on the DVD). Amongst scenes cut were a reunion with both Liz Hurley and Heather Graham which was taken out to allow more time to develop the Austin-Beyonce relationship, and what's described as an operatic vomit scene: "It's the Fantasia of vomit scenes. It tops Monty Python's The Meaning of Life and Stand By Me. There are people vomiting off of upper decks. It's perfect symmetry. It's done to opera music. It's horrible beauty, but the problem was that the audience was getting physiologically sick. Besides, how would all that vomit play when they show the movie on an airplane". Finally there's a sequence where a real estate agent was showing another evil mastermind around Dr. Evil's lair which was being packed up. Thanks to 'Dust Bunny'

operatic vomit scene


release date is apparently december turd