Topic: ATTENTION PRODUCERS!!!... check this out

The Sentient Audio Collective has a cool opportunity for producers to showcase their skills. We are offering free samples from the Collective's audio pool for you to work with. Selected entries will be distributed on future Sentient Audio Collective promo releases. This is a great opportunity for any producer to promote their music.

Details about this offer can be found at the Sentient Audio Collective website, Just click on the "Sentient Mix 1" link.

We are excited to see what you come up with, so visit the site and have fun...

Best regards,
Sentient Audio Collective

Re: ATTENTION PRODUCERS!!!... check this out

Ive just noticed it now after 9 days.

I would try it, have i got mo time?


ps. theres no deadlines hoooray

Check out my own produced track at:

Re: ATTENTION PRODUCERS!!!... check this out

Yeah, that's right... there's no deadline. We're just looking to find some great producers to work with and help promote. All the information is on the site, but if you have any other questions, feel free to email us at

Looking forward to hearing your mix,

Michael Lanning
Sentient Audio Collective