Topic: Sasha rocked DC10!

Just one more thing.............Sasha turned up to DC10 yesterday evening a played on the terrace. rowan and wembourne had great  pleasure in ringing and telling me.........

anyone else have any reports or sightings to confirm such nnsense.


Britney....don't do it, he is not good enough.

Re: Sasha rocked DC10!

Lee - why didnt you go mate  :!:

Re: Sasha rocked DC10!

Id love to hear sasha play outside at DC10...nice.

Re: Sasha rocked DC10!

Yes he did. Unfortunately, there were too many Spanish men in there and not enough bikini wearing women, so I left before he played. Bit gutted, but heard he played some nice stuff !

When in doubt, 'ave a Stella !