Topic: Hello Bedrockers

Finally I have made it onto the board.

For those of you who know me already - Hello Again !

For those you don't - I hope to meet you all soon.

my e-mail surgery is always open .


Take care


Re: Hello Bedrockers

Hello Boris

I've heard so much about you I feel like we've met already tongue


the name "tonic wine" does not imply health giving or medicinal properties

Re: Hello Bedrockers

hello mate  :laugh your reputation proceeds you big_smile

i hear you're joining us for a bit of tribal gathering wrongness  :shock:

Re: Hello Bedrockers

Doctor, is my prescription ready for October? :nerd

Re: Hello Bedrockers

One potatoe

Two potatoe

Three potatoe


Five potatoe

Six Potatoe

Seven Potatoe


Shall I carry on ?