Topic: sasha and james do it sooooooooooooo well!

Well james zab and sasha certainly know how to rock out thats for sure!!!!

Im currently in THE states at the mo and went to see the previously mentioned DJs at VISION in Chicago, a SPUNDAE promoted night, two nights ago.

Only the main room was alive to Dj generated beats but Mr Zabiela had us all dancing and prancing from the word go, highlights inc. PRODIGY "CLIMBATIZE" - which im a fan of, along with BJORK "ALL IS LOVE" (Remix) (I think this is the title of the track, if im wrong can one of you chaps point me in the right direction - i would love to get a copy) PLUS jAMES mind-BLOWING SCRATCHING SKILLS!!!!

THEN THE MAN LIKe APPEARED and oh my gosh he rocked!!! Although im a bit of a trainspotter/trackspotter when back home in blightly esp. at Bedrock, Fabric, The End etc etc it was very refreshing to hear sasha and not recognise most of the tunes, but im sure some of the new album was served up (added to the fact i sampled some of the local disco biscuits and lost the plot!!!!!! - then had a great 3 HOUR drive home - great for coming down - NOT!!!)

All in all top night 9.65/10

See you chaps soon cos im hopefully attending the next bedrock

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Re: sasha and james do it sooooooooooooo well!

what exactly u proud of?   Getting munted in the States? I'd be proud of that i guess.

That Bjork tune is All is Full of Love.

Why the feck am i still awake? Unlike u i am in Blighty and it's waaay too late to be posting. Right, time for bed. Or perhaps i'll listen to a few more tunes   Oh dear, here we go...

Hope to meet you at the next bedrock   Enjoy the rest of ur hols!

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Re: sasha and james do it sooooooooooooo well!

That bjork tune is a real beaut, do you know if its available anywhere?

It would be cool to see ya at the next b-rock, do you go to the griffin before or not? Well my usual spot is near the steps leading up to the old booth (i take it for the last 2 that ive missed theyve kept the Djs on the stage?) but it would be great to put names to faces.

oh yeah, "what are you proud of" - well "proud" is part of my surname, as well as me disc jockey name!



Re: sasha and james do it sooooooooooooo well!

they have the Chris lake mix of Prodigy climbatize in hard to find records.

maybe bjork

Re: sasha and james do it sooooooooooooo well!

That Bjork tune was sposed to be getting a release at the beginning of the summer, but dont think it has   unless it's totally passed me by! 

Yeah, usually meet in the Gryffin beforehand. The DJ booth has moved to the stage area now... been like that for a few months now. I dont have 1 particular place i dance, i'm usually all over the place 

Give me a shout when u get back   

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Re: sasha and james do it sooooooooooooo well!

i heard different.  the track was most prolly

Bjork - all is full of love (brancaccio & aisher mix)

its on 2 kiss sets... one live from red*** ?? is it redbox or something? and it also starts off the brancaccio & aisher mix from the last show of 2001.

as far as im aware i heard it wasnt getting a release and prolly wouldnt ever get one.  but lets not be pesimistic (ok so i cant even spell the word probably).  i have been looking for a copy for 8 months.  u wont find it anywhere unless u rob brancaccio, aisher, digweed, holden's record collection 

i have spoken to a guy from israel who said he had a copy.  he wont sell me it