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Hi All,
My son has a CD called 'TranceNation''s a yellow and orange striped CD, however, none of the songs are listed on it, and it's damaged and I want to purchase a new copy.  Song #5 has a chorus that says something like, "the ghosts of my life" and it is sung by a woman.   Can any one help me with the words to that song?  Or, better yet, can anyone tell me where I can obtain a copy of the CD???My son is in rehab and he loves Trance and House music, and especially THAT song...and if anyone is familiar with that CD; I would like the name, (and words if possible) of songs #1, #5, and #11.  II have checked with the music stores around here, but DUH, nobody in this backward state in the southern part of USA has a clue.  I would really appreciate anyone's help.  I am a 42 yr. old mom of a 20 year old...and we both have closed the generation gap with Techno and Trance.  He has turned me on to people like Sasha and Digweed, and I really like them.. As a matter of fact, I think song #1 on this disc 'Trancenation' that I'm inquiring about is by Digweed.  Can anyone help me with this?  I would love to send a copy of this CD to my son...I want to surprise him with it, so I can't ask him. 
((((((((Thank you in advance 4 any help)))))))))

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i think this is the wrong you're posting the message on. i doubt many people on here would be familiar with this kinda music, but ive had this cd in the past so i thought i might aswell tell ya.

The cd is Trance Nation 2001 - mixed by ferry corsten

#1   - Schiller - Das Glockenspiel
#5   - Tenth Planet - Shosts
#11 - The Thrillseekers - Synaesethesia

If you have any further questions, i suggest you try the ministry of sound message board, as they're likely to be more helpful. (

hope that helps your son, and he gets well soon!