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Ble#din hell I come back from 2 weeks in North America and apparently war in the Middle East is very likely and me favourite message board is totally different...well done, its really good.

Bedrock is still, in my view, the best crowd in the world but Ive gotta say Spundae LA came pretty damn close. Unbelievable. There are not that many crowds who clap and woop to the right bits of tracks or show their appreciation to mixing but this crowd did and I loved every second of it.l Im still buzzing to be honest. If you get a chance to go to Spundae youve gotta do it cos those guys really do know how to run a club.Proper stuff.

The Florida, New Orleans and Santa Barbara gigs all went really well and Stereo in Montreal was also alot of fun (amazing club and sound system and a really well run operation).

So how have you lot been? Hows was Heaven and Brighton? I heard that a friend of mine, Al Nash, warmed up at the Beach. That gig would have meant alot to him so let me know how he got on. I hope he rocked it. What was Creamer like?


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Hello Jon,

A quick question. Do you like Seventh Day and how has it gone done (assuming you like it and have played it of course)?



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alright Dan, whats 7th Day? Im rubbish with track names so how does it go? how are you anyway?

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Hi Jonathan - sounds like the US of A was brilliant.  Al Nash was excellent - did not know who he was but went down rather well - as for Creamer - don't ask - he played appalling set at Heaven and not much better in brighton - if you want more details need to check old thread! Really looking forward to hearing you at Heaven - what time are you on?

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hey jon,
good to have ya back... glad to hear the US gigs went well and nice one on bedrock birthday... can't wait!

Heaven was ok.. junkie XL fvcking rocked, mean as fvck basslines... creamer was pants, went nowhere quickly... diggers was good but nothing to write home about, but he was ill so we forgive him (and if thatshim on a bad day...)

Didn't do the beach, but by all accounts Al Nash was damn good and creamer even worse than heaven sad

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Its a track that Alex from Fracas Records gave, or was goin to give to you. Its a Prog/breaks track and has the sample 'Just close your eyes' from an old Sarah McClachlan track. 

I think its by either Trancender or Mid Atlantic Science

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was creamer really not good? I am surprised cos Ive heard good reports about him. I'll check the old thread to see what was up (tracks or mixing or whatever). Class to hear that Al was good though. Well done mate, you deserve that gig.

Think im on 10-12 but im not sure..will let ya know.

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his set at heaven was going ok for the first 45mins (well, i though so anyway... others may disagree) until he dropped into a god-awful tribal beat that did nothing for at least 5-10 minutes... emptied the dancefloor sad  after thar he never picked it up again... just plodded along and didnt' go anywhere at all

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Al Nash played a very good warm up, unfortunately Creamer destroyed the atmosphere straight afterwards  sad

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Good to see you made it through to the new board Mr Lisle.

Can we all assume you're confirmed for the 4th Birthday then ?

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danny moore said it kicked ass to open up for you

i think he gave you one of my tracks called crayons

but he went on and on and on and on about how good you were, says you are the future, he's pretty smart and nice so that could be a big honor yo

good luck with everything smile

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Thanks mate.

Danny is a top bloke and an excellent DJ. I think hes gonna definitely gonna places. Very clued up dude as well as funny.

He didnt give me your track tho so I'll try and get him to send it.

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jeyjey - little correction .. i closed for jon... silly

jon - i thought i had put crayons on the CDr that i gave you... must not have ... i will get it to you ASAP...

also a few other things me and jey have been collaborating on

glad you had fun in LA

can't wait to have you back here in New Orleans..

and the mix CD you gave me was nothing short of amazing
can't wait for the 2nd round of US dates..

take care


Danny Moore