Topic: thanks to J Lisle...

...I have been mostly enjoying listening to 'progressive breaks', and especially Rabbit in the moon.

Can anyone recommend any other mix cd's worth buying. I have the first 3 Y3k albums, which I still think are full of quality tunes, but the series has recently gone more full on breaks, and away from the house influenced breaks.

Cheers, and cant wait for JL at next Bedrock, shame hes not on later.

Re: thanks to J Lisle...

All the Adam Freeland mixes are great - 'Coastal Breaks II', 'Tectonics' and 'On Tour'. General Midi's 'Genetically Modified' is kinda bouncey breaks, too. And that Plump DJs one. B.L.I.M.'s recent mix (I've forgotten the name of it now) and Rennie Pilgrem's 'Tribalizm' are both cracking, but a bit more breaksy than housey-breaksy.

For housey-breaks, get the Meat Katie albums ('Off The Bone' and 'Long To Belong') - they're both brilliant. And Koma & Bones. Forgotten what that's called as well. Oh - and Lee Coombes. His 'Future Sound Of Retro' mix is fantastic. Lots of housey-breaks and acid noises. Mmmm.  big_smile

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Re: thanks to J Lisle...

Check out stuff on Distinctive (; the new Y4K, Mixed by Dub Pistols is out soon.

***I strongly suggest you check out and listen to their audio samples, if you like proggy breaks, hell, if you like well produced music full stop. Definitely one of the labels of the year!

Have you got 'Bedrock Breaks'? Or Layo & Bushwacka!- 'Nightworks'?


Re: thanks to J Lisle...

The Dub Pistols mix certainly looks one to buy.
I never got round to hearing the Bedrock breaks, so may to have give that a listen. Same with Adam Freelands on Tour mix (i have coastel breaks & tectronics)
Anyway cheers for all the suggestions, time to go shopping I think!!